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Episode 150 - Truth Not Trends Podcast hosts Jesse Schmidt and Liam Bauer - Keep the parts that work

April 2, 2019

Very excited to have share a collaboration with the guys from Truth Not Trends Podcast, Jesse Schmidt and Liam Bauer.  You can check out my guest interview and subscribe to their podcast here:

Jesse Schmidt currently works as the Fitness Director for Fitness SF in Oakland, CA. In 2017 he and his mentor Liam Bauer joined forces to teach people how to exercise safely and efficiently through the Truth Not Trends podcast. He has a background as a baseball player, rock climber, and aspires to be the next American Ninja Warrior.

Liam Bauer, co-founder of T.N.T.  Fitness, is a strength and conditioning coach, author, and fitness consultant who has been designing comprehensive strength and conditioning programs for professional and elite amateur athletes as well as individuals of all fitness levels since 1988.

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