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Episode 098 Simon Shawcross - High Intensity Exercise for Efficient Strength Training

October 31, 2017

HIT-UNI Founder & Director Simon Shawcross explains why devoting 20-30 minutes, twice a week is a great way to receive the benefits of strength training.  We break down why being systematic about your training is important and why getting very comfortable being uncomfortable is crucial to seeing results. Simon also goes through a sample High Intensity Training routine and how it should be performed. Really enjoyed this one!


Here is an article that Simon recently published that covers much of the research he referenced when we spoke:

Link to the research that showed that older adults were not able to retain all their gains from supervised resistence training when they switched to unsupervised RT:

Here is a link to the abstract of the research that shows 2x per week may be required for hypertrophy in older adults

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